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Water & Fire Resistant Document Bag with Lock

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What Customers Are Saying

MaKenna B
Ample storage.
Fit most of our important papers and some extra keepsakes. The exterior has a rubber like coating that makes you feel very confident in its waterproof ability. The locking zippers are interesting and a nice touch, although it appears to leave a small gap where the zippers meet that could let in some moisture. I just made sure the zipper side was facing downward if that is the case.

Stanley W
Great for filing receipts!
Since we started building the house, I have a ton of receipts. I was just throwing them in a drawer. With this, I can store all the receipts, keeping them neat. I didn't choose this for the lock, as other than family/guests peaking, a thief will just grab it while stealing other things.
Erica M
Great for Cash
It is a bag that is good for cash and other small valuables. It is good for a bug out bag and keeping valuables there, which is exactly where I put this, and I'm happy with that. I like having extra security in the form of fireproof things like these bags, safes, and similar items. It gives me an added sense of security in the event that a fire happens.
Diana D
Great to have!
I got this bag to keep cash in so that if anything happens it will be safe. I love that it has a locking combination that I can choose, and in case you're wondering, the instructions are inside the bag along with a wristlet to make it easier to carry. The combination to open. The bag is 000. Very nice to have! Makes me feel more safe.
Eric D
Large enough to fit standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper+
I purchased the Large Version - this lockable bag is a good way to protect your valuable papers. I do like that it's large enough to put a folder full of papers in it and close it up. The lock has a changeable combination and the seller included and extra basic combination lock too. It's better than the paperboard folder I had been storing some of my important papers in, no doubt. Big enough, protective and economically priced, a good item to have and use.
Marie S
Great fire and water resistent locking bag
I decided to get this locking bag to store a few backup documents among other things in case of emergencies. It is fire proof and waterproof. Prior to placing items inside, I decided to give it a test with a lighter. Not long of a test (less than a min) but just to see if it is indeed fireproof and it just felt warm afterwards. The inside is well insulated and I do like the material. The instructions of setting the combination lock are pretty easy and another combo lock comes inside the bag. I think it's a backup in case we forget how to reset the built-in lock on the bag. As I began to overthink...the extra lock may also come in handy for those who may not want to deal with setting up the built-in one. I know a few family members up in age who would say 'to hell with it' and utilize the one they're used to. So having an extra lock is a plus, less complaints and/or frustration from those around my parents age.

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