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12-Month Weekly Planner: Master Your Busy Schedule, Stay Organized

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An undated, 12-month planner allows you to start anytime and focus on attainable goals.

The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily sections will organize every aspect of your life and keep you accountable.

Built in mini-routines based on proven research are engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.

Follow the simple layout so your priorities are clear and productivity becomes automatic.



    Make this week count! Perform your daily habit, declare focus and set a few challenges to push you past your comfort zone!


    Cultivate happiness by focusing on the great things in your life! Develop positive habits like exercise and optimism-fast!


    Increase your efficiency by making sure your top 3 priorities get done first, everyday!


    Goals just got easier! Focus on hitting your top goals each month and figure out how to avoid harmful distractions.



    Happily reflect on the best parts of last week and plan how to improve the not-so-great parts.


    Consciously decide how you’re going to make the upcoming week your best yet!


    Break down all of your current projects into baby steps. These tasks become your top priorities in the daily section.


    Crush your goals! Get more done by setting and hitting new goals each week!



    Use the classic calendar view to schedule the big events in your month and never miss another appointment!


    Choose a monthly focus and daily habit. Check off the “H” box on each day that you perform the habit.


    Goals just got easier! Focus on hitting your top goals each month and figure out how to avoid harmful distractions.


    Use the reflection and growth mindset exercises at the end of each month to quickly develop a more positive outlook!

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Working Mom and Student

"Panda Planner helped me to not only get organized with my day to day to-do lists as a busy, working mom, but it also helped me to set and work on other personal goals, as well. For example, I got my house in order, finished several sewing projects and took a real estate course."

  • The daily affirmations and morning rituals helped me change my mindset to be more positive and grateful.
  • I became so organized that I felt that I could take on another challenge and started a real estate course.
  • I was stagnant and not progressing and doing the minimum, Panda Planner helped me to achieve so much more.
  • I love the Panda Labs community facebook group - everyone is so supportive and you get so much more than a planner!

Coach Ken
Small Business Owner, Uzima Fitness

"Panda Planner has remarkedly changed my business and my life. I've been using Panda Planner for over 3 years. I was getting too confused managing my personal and business life. I now can plan both my personal and business life and they both grew, especially my business. I recommend it to all of my friends!"

  • The ability to breakdown my 5 year goal into 6 months, monthly, weekly all the way to daily
  • Creating a morning routine to practice gratitude start the day off centered
  • Count my wins not focus on loss as much

What Customers Are Saying

Darice R
Love my Panda Planner
I've used the Panda Daily planner in the past and loved it but decided I would try to streamline a bit to the weekly Panda Planner. LOVE it! I love the layout of the weekly being vertical versus horizontal as others I've seen. That was the main reason I bought it. You need to work with how you like to work and my eye just naturally goes to the vertical. Since I'm visual, I also like to add color(high lighter or markers or even different sticky strips) so it's super easy to see at a glance what needs to be done this week. I.E. such as red - have to items/can't forget/have to drive to/appointments; pink - me; blue - hubby stuff; green; my work sched; purple - daughter's sched such as school sports or youth group/etc. It's the only way I can help my self diagnosed ADD mind try to stay focused on all my creative chaos I've allowed into my life! So if you're like me, this planner would work for you! Enjoy

Dan T
It helps keep me focused, moving forward, and calmer.
My life is much the better for it. Other planners not the same. Thank you.
Elizabeth H
I had no idea how helpful this would be!
I have a learning disability and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I'm organized at work where I have structure, but I was struggling with executive dysfunction in my personal life. Planners never worked for me in school, I had to make my own system in Excel. Surprisingly, it looked a lot Panda Planner's weekly spread! So when a friend recommended this I decided to give it a try. So far I love it. I'm enjoying spending a couple of hours on the weekend planning my week. I appreciate that it prompts me to think about what I'm doing to nurture the different parts of my life - personal, work, family/friends, and relationship. I already had a gratitude practice, but it's still awesome to have that built in and to be promoted to think about what I have to look forward to. I love how it creates a focus on habits as well. I don't know yet how this will work for me long term, but it's a very promising and hopeful start!
Daniel L
Good Stuff
My first Panda Planner was a gift. I’m reupping, because they’re the best. It takes discipline to keep up with the schedule, but that’s a good thing. Panda planner keeps me on top of life, and I’m grateful.
Laura R
Loyal Panda Planner
I received the monthly PandaPlanner as a gift a year ago and quickly loved it. With planners, I think you need to experiment and find a system that works for you, and the Panda Planner is definitely designed for my brain and work style. For a while, I continued to use both my At-a-Glance appointment book and the Panda Monthly, but then I realized the weekly Panda Planner version was the perfect hybrid! Things I love about Panda Planners: undated – my work schedule is flexible, so I love not wasting days/pages; priorities section – choosing daily priorities was SUCH a mental game changer for me (seems obvious, but it's so helpful); I loved the affirmation box in the monthly planner, so I may make a DIY section on the weekly planner's journaling/reflection page. TLDR: Well-made, thoughtful design, sets me up for a productive day!
Beth S
Love it!!
I just bought my second planner. I love them!!! They have really empowered me to stay organized.

Panda Planner Guarantee

With over 1,000,000 Panda Planners sold, we’re confident you’ll love it too. Try a Panda today, and if you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll give you an immediate refund. Limit one product refund per customer.