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Panda Planner® Classic
This original planner is scientifically proven to boost productivity and happiness. A powerful planner for those on the go! Lasts 3 months with daily use, up to 6 months with occasional use.
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Larger 6 Month Planner
Panda Planner® Pro
8.5" x 11" in size, this is the ultimate planner to organize your day in detail. Great for students and professionals. Lasts 6 months with daily use, with up to 12 monthly pages.
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NEW Weekly Format
Panda Planner® Weekly
12 month planner with detailed weekly views. This planner is 8.5" x 11" and larger in size than the Classic. It's the perfect planner for projects, busy moms, and those who want a big-picture view.
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Character Strength Approach
Panda Planner VIA
Official collaboration with the VIA Institute with a personalized approach customized to your character strengths. 3 months of daily use with 6 monthly pages.
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Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes for Planners
Bookmark, prioritize and set goals with these 140 colorful sticky notes.
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