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What Matters Most

This exercise will help you tap into a key source of personal meaning and help develop a deeper sense of purpose in your day to day.

  1. Imagine what will matter most - Picture in your mind the area of your life that will matter most to you in 6 months or 1 year from now. Visualize that area of your life functioning even stronger at that time compared to today (even if that area is already doing well at the moment).
  2. Phrase your intention - In order to strengthen the area, make a simple intention that will help you highlight the focal point for the area.  Try to capture this intention in a phrase or a sentence. For example, increase happiness in marriage; graduate from college, become more productive at work, improve physical health.
  3. Signature Strength Pathways - List one way each of your five strongest signature strengths could be used as a “pathway of meaning” to help you make your intention a reality and improve this area of meaning.  Each of these strengths can therefore assist you in taking action and deepening your experience of what matters most.
  4. Action Planning - You now have five pathways to enhancing or staying strong with what matters most to you.  Write down the steps you will take to make this improvement. Will you bring forth one strength pathway at a time?  Combine pathways? How will you ensure you use all your five strongest strengths? Plan these actions in the weekly and daily sections of your VIA planner.