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Defining Moments

Craft the narrative to your life by connecting meaning to your experiences.  Explore your experiences from a growth perspective and build positive memories while enhancing self-understanding.

  1. Name one moment in time that has had a positive effect on you.  Choose a moment in which you took action in some way. This moment doesn’t have to be dramatic, simple any moment that has had a meaningful impact on you.
  2. List the character strengths you used in that situation. Which character strengths did you bring forth?  How did you express them?
  3. Explore how this moment has shaped who you are.  How has this moment contributed to your identity? No matter how small, how has it affected your view of yourself today?
  4. Step back and view the bigger picture.  Were you enacting virtues that helped you mobilize your strengths at that moment? Courage to take action?  Humanity, justice, or wisdom? Driven by temperance or transcendence?