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12-Month Weekly 2.0: Monthly Calendar & Weekly Planning

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An undated, 12-month planner allows you to start anytime and focus on attainable goals.

The Monthly, Weekly, and Daily sections will organize every aspect of your life and keep you accountable.

Built in mini-routines based on proven research are engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.

Follow the simple layout so your priorities are clear and productivity becomes automatic.



    Cultivate happiness by savoring the great things in your life!


    Increase your productivity by making sure your top 3 most important tasks get done each day!


    Use the notes area as a catch-all for anything else. Use this for new ideas, unexpected tasks, important numbers, project planning… anything!



    This classic month-overview layout lets you plan your appointments and big events.


    Choose your daily habit and track it by checking off the “H” box each day that you perform the habit.


    Plan all your weekly tasks and check them off when completed.


    Keep track of any notes or important information for the month.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Working Mom and Student

"Panda Planner helped me to not only get organized with my day to day to-do lists as a busy, working mom, but it also helped me to set and work on other personal goals, as well. For example, I got my house in order, finished several sewing projects and took a real estate course."

  • The daily affirmations and morning rituals helped me change my mindset to be more positive and grateful.
  • I became so organized that I felt that I could take on another challenge and started a real estate course.
  • I was stagnant and not progressing and doing the minimum, Panda Planner helped me to achieve so much more.
  • I love the Panda Labs community facebook group - everyone is so supportive and you get so much more than a planner!

Coach Ken
Small Business Owner, Uzima Fitness

"Panda Planner has remarkedly changed my business and my life. I've been using Panda Planner for over 3 years. I was getting too confused managing my personal and business life. I now can plan both my personal and business life and they both grew, especially my business. I recommend it to all of my friends!"

  • The ability to breakdown my 5 year goal into 6 months, monthly, weekly all the way to daily
  • Creating a morning routine to practice gratitude start the day off centered
  • Count my wins not focus on loss as much

What Customers Are Saying

Kate T
Constantly saving my sanity
I love this planner so much. It takes my chaotic brain and helps center it, making it easier for me to stay on task and complete projects. Having the monthly and weekly options was a complete game changer for planning long term. And my cynical self has even started enjoying the little gratitude and excitement challenges. Had lots of planners but this is the gold standard for me. 10/10 would recommend ;)

Like this version
I haven't tried other Panda Planners, but the 2.0 version is really working for me. In particular, taking a few minutes to fill out the weekly schedule helps me remember what I need to get done every day to get done with my weekly tasks. The compact size is perfect, and I like that the ring bound makes it easy to lie flat or prop in front of my keyboard. I like the affordable price point as well.
This has changed how I work!
I am absolutely in love with the simple design of the Weekly 2.0 planner. It keeps me organized, on task, and I really enjoy adding what I am grateful for and my win for the day. It really helps with staying motivated and appreciative.
Klem W
Love my weekly 2.0 planner
I had been using the Panda Planner classic and liked everything about it, but sometimes it was challenging for me to get through all the sections in the morning before I left for work. I have really liked the switch over to the weekly 2.0 planner. I still have all the aspects of the planner that were helpful for me (gratitude, daily wins, priorities for the day) and it is much more streamlined. Would recommend this planner to anybody!
weekly 2.0 is great
This is really a great planner -I have used the regular Panda Planner and the Panda Weekly, but this one is the best I've found so far. Easy to use - provides great vision of the week and month. Huge fan!
Shawn B
Loyal Panda fan loves the new 2.0
I fell in love with Panda a while back and have since had every size and variation and am LOVING the spiral binding on this one. Spiral means lays flat so that's always a plus. This one is quite a bit lighter than the bound one too so it doesn't feel like a brick in my purse. I like that the daily pages have more room for notes than before and the grateful & excited sections are not numbered so I can write freely. Overall I'm very happy with this new, lighter version and love price point!

Panda Planner Guarantee

With over 1,000,000 Panda Planners sold, we’re confident you’ll love it too. Try a Panda today, and if you don’t like it for any reason, we’ll give you an immediate refund. Limit one product refund per customer.