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12 Month Weekly Health Planner: Take Control of Your Mental Health

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An undated, 12-month planner allows you to start anytime and focus on attainable goals.

The Yearly Mood Tracker, Monthly, and Daily sections will organize every aspect of your life and keep your mental health in check.

Built in mini-routines based on proven research are engineered to help you build a habit of positivity and develop a growth mindset.

Follow the simple layout so your priorities are clear and productivity becomes automatic.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Working Mom and Student

"Panda Planner helped me to not only get organized with my day to day to-do lists as a busy, working mom, but it also helped me to set and work on other personal goals, as well. For example, I got my house in order, finished several sewing projects and took a real estate course."

  • The daily affirmations and morning rituals helped me change my mindset to be more positive and grateful.
  • I became so organized that I felt that I could take on another challenge and started a real estate course.
  • I was stagnant and not progressing and doing the minimum, Panda Planner helped me to achieve so much more.
  • I love the Panda Labs community facebook group - everyone is so supportive and you get so much more than a planner!

Coach Ken
Small Business Owner, Uzima Fitness

"Panda Planner has remarkedly changed my business and my life. I've been using Panda Planner for over 3 years. I was getting too confused managing my personal and business life. I now can plan both my personal and business life and they both grew, especially my business. I recommend it to all of my friends!"

  • The ability to breakdown my 5 year goal into 6 months, monthly, weekly all the way to daily
  • Creating a morning routine to practice gratitude start the day off centered
  • Count my wins not focus on loss as much

What Customers Are Saying

Shannon T
This planner rocks
The weekly spread has plenty of room for all of my appointments and tasks, and the spaces for morning and evening reflection have really helped my overall mood. The paper has a nice heavy feel and ink does not bleed through.

Joshua K
Thick, smooth paper and lots of options inside
I've been wanting to try a Panda Planner since all the planner groups talk about it! I love how much room the planner gives to both what needs to be done, and appointments that might be on the docket for the day. That said, I was surprised at the size of this planner, it does feel larger and more cumbersome than my usual cahier sized books. Overall, very happy with this.
Randy R
This Book Is Awesome!!!
I love the fact it has a daily planner in it, and unlike a lot of daily planners I have seen, this one gives you the full day for Saturday and Sunday as a schedule. Most every planner I have seen gives you this little shared space for those two days, like no one apparently work them. Each day also has a place for your top 3 priorities, which is great as well. At the end of each week you get this great mood tracker section which allows you a place to write a little reflection of how the day went. The next part of it is a full blank page to allow you to write, doodle, whatever it takes, to lift your mood, or to keep it high. The fact this is also hardback and not the metal binder rings is the greatest thing of all. I have metal bound one, different company, and it's already falling apart, and we got a long way to go for this year. This is an absolute must have to keep track of your daily schedule....
Elsa T
Tons of Features
I do really like the mood tracker. I like that for each monthly spread, it has both a plan (which includes your reason for doing it) and review (which includes insights and how to improve in the future) section. I like that there are separate daily and weekly pages. Each day only gives room for 3 to-do list items, which I think actually is a plus -- it adds some incentive not to let them carry over into the next day, and it also helps avoid taking on too much. I also appreciate that the daily pages leave room for you to write your schedule, and how they include space to reflect on gratitude, wins for the day, and a growth area to work on. It also includes a few lines for daily reflections and mood tracking, and I appreciate that it keeps the daily reflection to a few lines so it can be easier to create and sustain the habit. I also like that it has a separate journaling, reflection, and creativity page for each week, giving you ample space for whatever you'd like to use it for, instead of just a couple notes pages in the back (which it also does have in addition to this).
Kimberly C
There's so much to love
My husband loves Panda Planners, so when I ran across this one, I decided to give it a try. I can absolutely see why he loves them. This "Mental Health" planner is, for the most part, extremely well made, with thick and durable pages, a strong elastic to hold it shut, and a hard cloth cover. The green color is also cheerfully Spring-like, which I love. It also has one of the best layouts. it's intuitive with plenty of space to write and good placement of the guided thoughts (“I’m grateful for”, “I’m excited about,” and “priorities” at the top of each day’s schedule column and “Today’s wins” and “How I’ll improve” at the bottom. Those sections are large enough to jot down brief thoughts but not so large that they feel daunting.
Emily S
This is perfect for me to schedule all my appointments and daily tasks while keeping track of my mental health. I'm able to watch and document everything along the way and love that it lasts a full year!

Panda Planner Guarantee

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